Searching for original, tailor-made music that can enrich your story? Whether for film, games or theatre, music can convey an underlying message in a unique way in a universal language. 

Let my music tell your story.




goldilocks zone

The habitable zone around a star where the temperature

is just right. A great metaphor for how I like to compose:


creating something original while sounding familiar

following specific directions while taking initiative

• meeting every deadline while delivering quality


       reaching you

               at your first listen

rewarding you at the next


about me

Film music has been captivating me since I was a kid. Scores from

Star Wars, West Side Story, E.T. and Back To The Future inspired me to start composing my own music. And who doesn't love those big orchestras? 

Recording 80 musicians in a top notch studio surely gets my heart going. 

Nothing can beat such  a live performance, but even for the lower budget

projects I can make it work: a hybrid orchestra will get the job done.

Mark Kuypers



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a distinctive idea

especially a theme

elaborated on

  in a piece of music