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allow my music to tell your story

Do you need original, tailor-made music to enrich your message? Whether for film, game or theatre, my music helps to tell your story in a universal language infused with meaning.

recent work

Andy Hill

Andy Hill

Director of Studies at the Film Scoring Academy of Europe, author and former vice-president of music production at Walt Disney Pictures

"Mark Kuypers is a bright star on the Dutch horizon, a composer with a mature vision, and equipped with both the musical technique and dramatic insight demanded by contemporary filmmakers."




created for


'music that moves you
hearing it the first time
and rewards you
hearing it the next time''

my vision: the goldilocks zone

The zone around a star where the temperature is just right...

A fitting metaphor for my approach to writing film music:


• create a familiar sound and still be completely original

• know how to take directions and still take initiative

• always respect the deadline and still deliver quality


about me

My love for soundtracks started when I was a kid. The lush and rich music in Star Wars, West Side Story, E.T. and Back To The Future drove me to start composing myself.

Recording a big symphony orchestra surely gets my blood pumping. Nothing can beat a live performance. However, for smaller projects I can still make it work; my virtual orchestra will get any job done.


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Mark Kuypers


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